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Flamenco is an art-form of song, dance, and instrumental music, mostly associated with the Romani people of Spain called gypsies (gitanos.)

"On Nov. 16th, 2010, UNESCO declared Flamenco one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

Flamenco emerged in Southern Spain, Andalusia, of a mixture of Romani, local Andalusia music, and dance styles of rooted Jewish, Arabic, Indian, and Byzantine influences that can also be traced to the ancient Greeks, Pythagorean math, and before that, the Egyptians.

Numbers are everything, and Music is Mathematics. Flamenco is the best example of "intuitional mathematics" with its basic meter or compas of 12 numbers; within these 12, the basic frame, fractions are made, and numbers are doubled. 

Experience the bliss of perfect timing through the art of Flamenco. Come to class!


Workshops in Duniden

2017- Sat. Nov. 4 & 18

- Classes from 11 to 2PM

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All development comes from chaos to harmony, from lack of rhythm to rhythm.
Rhythm must be brought into the instincts.

           -Rudolph Steiner


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